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Corrigendum-I for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)upport and Annual Technical Support (ATS) for ERP (SAP) System   (Date Extended upto 18-06-2015)

HPPCL invites tender for (annual maintenance contract) (AMC) support and annual Technical support(ATS) for ERP (SAP) System.

HPPCL invites tender for supplying & installation of "automatic weather"station at Thana-Plaun HEP 

Sealed quotations are invited for Supply & Installation of UPS Batteries at HPPCL.


Seal quotation are invited for Repair & Procurement of Computer Hardware Components at HPPCL.

HPPCL invites tender form various service provider for  hiring of various services on outource basis.

HPPCL invites tender for construction of suspended foot bridge( ± 60)span across over river beas Thana-plaun HEP.



The tender construction of suspended foot bridge span across over river thana-pluan  hereby cancelled  

Invitation for  bidder Design,manufacture,supply,installation,testing and commissioning of hydraulically operated Trash Rach Cleaning Machine for Sawra Kuddu HEP.

Invitation for Expression of Interest for consultancy services for preparation filing and defending tariff petition including true up petition/ multi year review ect. related to HPPCL various power projects. 

HPPCL invites tender for preparation of DGPSDigital map of project site Thana-Plaun HEP.


HPPCL invites tender  for providing wall cladding with plain colour coated steel sheets in power house sawra-Kuddu HEP.


The tender for “Procurement of Design software, hammer software and computer hardware published on dated 21-06-2014 is hereby cancelled.

HPPCL invites  tender for  preparation of DGPS/Digital map of project site Thana-Plaun HEP.


HPPCL invite Quotations for designing printing and supply of execuitive diaries and calenders for year 2015. 

HPPCL intends to hire suitable accommodation for its offices around Kotli and Basali Distt- Mandi HP.


Invitation for Expression of Interest for consultancy service for  E&M package of Shonagtong Karchham HEP.

Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance of Measuring  instruments for solar radiation for Berra dol solar power project.

Corrigendum- I.

Corrigendum II.

Corrigendum III.

Latest Update regarding the Shongtong Karchham HEP tender (E&M Works) - No. 11-PADBHPCEDIPSHONGTONG KARCHHAM (E&M Works). 

HPPCL invite tender for Purchase of stationery Articles himfed Bhawan Panjri Shimla-5

HPPCL invite Quotations deployment of one no of Innova Texi on monthly basis of Design office Sunder Nagar 

HPPCL invites tender for procurment of design software, hammer software and computer hardware.





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