Current tenders

Current tenders

HPPCL invites expression of interst for consultant services for individual external monitor on land acquisition and resettlement.

HPPCL invites tender consultancy services for additional investigations to complement the feasibility study of  Thana- Plaun HEP.

HPPCL invites expression of interest from firms to carryout exploratory drilling and logging of boreholes on the Right Bank Satluj Shongtong-Karchham HEP.

Clarifications pursuant to ITB sub- clause. 10.1 of section 1 of volume- 1 fo bidding documents. 

Corrigendum Addendum No.-2 HPPCL Sawra- Kuddu- HRT Balance work work 

Corrigendum Addendum No.-1 Bid reference no: HPPCL/ Sawra-Kuddu-HRT Balance work .

Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting construction of 5.00 m dia, shaped head race tunnel from 0.00 m to rd 11145 Sawra-kuddu HEP.

HPPCL Invites tender for procuremnet of design software water hammer & transient analysis software and computer software  and hardware. 


Office order regarding drill hole in open area and one no drill hole in underground drift are  hereby cancelled . 

HPPCL invites tender drilling and driving four five Nos. drill holes in open area and one No. drill hole in underground drift Shongtong-Karchham HEP.

HPPCL Invites Tender for construction of 1 no drift of size 3.00m D-shap 200 mtr. Long for the geological explorationon satluj river shongtong-karcham HEP.



Hppcl invites  Tender for  Carrying out details survey and investigation work of Thana Plaun HEP (191 MW). 

HPPCL invites Bids for the construction of 5.00 m dia, D-shaped Head Race Tunnel (HRT) from RD 0.00 m to RD 11145 m for Sawra-Kuddu HEP. 


HPPCL invites sealed offers from reputed eligible service providers under two bid system for conducting online Examination.

HPPCL Invites EOI form Firms for construction of two way bi-cable jig back cabin ride passenger ropeway Shongtong- Karchham HEP 

HPPCL invites tender supply and Installation of Seismograph at four locations of Shongtong Karchham HEP.  

HPPCL Invites tender Carrying out detailed topographical surveys of Triveni Mahadev HEP.  

HPPCL  invites Tender for Geological Exploration on Ravi & Chenab Basin at Sundla HEP .   



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